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French Wargames Holidays
Stay Tour Wargame Relax 

Review Col Stephen Parker US Retired 
         The only Wargames Holiday my wife
                                                       wants to come to.


  4 nights - 3 days 
Blitz Event  

€96Per Wargamer 

Partners stay free  

To Book contact Matt

For 3  individuals or 3 Couples; 

willit the Conq Tour 2.jpg

Single 5 Night 
Wargames Holiday 

€1285 single


Wars of Religion.jpg

 Couple 5 Night Wargames Holiday

€ 1645 Total per couple 



Muséé des Blindés de Saumur (1).jpg

Wargames Holiday

 €765 from min 3 night

To Book contact Matt

Plan your own  Holiday

Guided Tours - Wargaming - Battlefield Tours

Chat with Matt, and plan a custom holiday for you or a small group.

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