Your choice of Wargaming is included as part of  
3 or 5 night French War Games Holiday
                                                                 Let the games begin..... 

Wargaming in the 18thc Hercé Salon de Guerre
28mm-Ancients, Dark Ages, Medieval, Renaissance, Horse&Musket and Napoleonic's 
20mm- WW1 , WW2,  Cold War and Modern
1/1200th Naval- Ancients, Renaissance, Napoleonic, Dreadnaughts 
Aerial Combat WW1, WW2 and Cold War

Rule Sets
Impetus, SAGA, British Grenadier, General de Brigade, Grand Manner, Rapid Fire, Chain of Command
Board Games
Medieval, 7 years War, Napoleonic, WW1 & 2, Modern, plus family games.