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Find Inspiration in Every Turn

3 Private Guided Tours included in 5 night Holidays 
Choose 2 'Big Days Out' +' 1 Day Tours' or Annual Events, 
Beautiful destinations in Pays de Loire, Brittany & Normandy. 
Private Guide approx 8 hours, Tours in English, Tour in a private car.  
Not included - Meals and Museum entry; all tours are customized & vary in expenses.  


Chateau du Plessis Bourré Loire Valley 

For a  truly special French Holiday Vanessa and Matt Williamson
have created over 15 unique Tours for you to choose from.
If you have a special destination we can plan a custom Tour for you. 

Min 3 Night stay to Book Guided Tours for 1 - 3 People 
Big Day Out Tours €200pp per day  -  Day Tours €160 pp per day
4-6 people additional Touring Van hire costs. 

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