Historical Periods - Epoc

Choose your favorite Wargaming Historical period included as part of  
3 or 5 night French War Games Holiday. 

Wargame French military history from the regions of historic Maine - Pays de Loire, Brittany, and Normandy. French Wargames Holidays offers a unique wargaming immersion experience, visiting many historical military sites on tour as part of your holiday.

"The only Wargames Holiday your Wife would love to come on,

Colonel Steve Parker, US Army ret"

 other previous guests rave reviews, 

Choose your periods & preferred rule sets, pick your dates, and book directly on our website.  Enjoy a relaxing great value holiday and your wife will love it too, staying in a Grand Maison with huge gardens and a close stroll to shopping and Michelin-rated restaurants and excellent cafes in beutiful Mayenne.

Two table options are available; four meters in the 18thC Salon de Guerre or fourteen meters for large campaign games in the Grand Salon available for 5 night stays and grand events.